The Team

Regine Zamor

If we can change the behavior and thinking about the value of trash — what other powerful constructs can be broken?  

This is why Regine is passionate about From Waste to Wealth. As Co-Founder she is a high-achieving creative leader with expertise grounded in business planning and change management. She has 9 years of experience in the international development industry along with a process-driven mindset and a demonstrated track record of accomplishment. 

Through merging different influences from ancestral and cultural history, present history, and her wish for the future, Regine brings unconventional ideas and solutions to systemic challenges.  Regine believes in transformation and that contributing to society can lead to self-discovery, a sense of potential, and purpose. Inspired by system dynamics and nature her values include integrity, intuition and possibilities.

Yoshi Hashimoto

Yoshi wants to see a world where individuals are empowered to reach their potential — to create an environment where individuals can perform effectively (in this case the waste providers). Another way is to give creators and innovators the resources they need to deliver the value they bring to the world (in this case the waste transformers).  At the macro-level it is about taking care of our planet so our children and the next generation can live the lives that they deserve and can strive.  

He started his professional career as an investment banker focused on corporate finance, and now focuses on making impact inside-out for an information analytics company. Planning, delivering and managing change has been at the heart of both his roles.  Yoshi is passionate about leadership, and aspires to not only hone his leadership capabilities but also to find ways to take part in leadership development for his country, Japan. He’s a believer in the value of cross and interdisciplinary collaboration as a powerful way to drive change.

Who We Are


We are sons and daughters of this Earth who want to see systemic change – in our lifetime.  We are passionate about people living with dignity and having agency over their environment.  We are professionals from the least developed and most developed countries. 

We are individuals that support an ecological, circular system that promotes equity, realized potential and reconciliation that goes beyond considering the human experience. We are here to help the current system of trash management undergo a drastic evolution. And together, through the power of community, we can.


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